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Object-oriented and State-based Programming in Distributed Control System

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1. Object-oriented programming of devices, incl. CTC (Control Technology Corporation)
The real hardware is configured as an object with states (properties), actions (Methods) to achieve state-based operation, diagnostics and metric analysis etc. The control program has two parts (compiled and run-time) and consists of various device objects. The run-time part of control program features the flexible control system. For executing control program, two engines, i.e. Performance Engine and Monitor Engine are needed. See Fig. below.
United States Patent US5950006

2. State based control, like Object-oriented programming, incl. SMI++ framework. Its running mechanism is as below,
SMI TOOLS  for programming SMI objects and  Proxies

The basic action by which the SM can control activities in the experiment is the exchange of messages with the associated processes. The SM may be driven by command messages originated by other processes, called control processes. The use of an interactive control process is the normal way by which an operator can interact with the SM.

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