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Communication Layer Comparison between CoDeSys and KW-Software

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1. KW-Software has ProConOS OPC-Server and ProConOS Gateway as the communication infrastructure.
ProConOS® OPC-Server and Gateway for distributed communication

Observing from above figure, ProConOS Gateway connects the MULTIPROG and PLC.

Before the communication via ProConOS Gateway is available, Communication server of ProConOS should be started, like the figure below.”ProConOS 3.3 Win RT Manual

2. In CoDeSys, CoDeSys OPC-Server (together with CoDeSys PLCHandler) and CoDeSys Gateway comprise the communication layer.
The relationships between above 3 components are shown in figure below. Ref. “PLCHandler Programming Guide

3. Add I/O devices in project
MULTIPROG only supports I/O group definition, i.e. delimiting the I/O address range, shown as below

While in CoDeSys, I/O devices can be added into project tree as below.


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January 20, 2011 at 12:39 pm

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