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The CoDesys Automation Programming Tool

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1. OOP (Professional version required)
 The new object-oriented functionality is optional, meaning, it is left up to the user to choose between classic or object-oriented programming (OOP) or combine both programming philosophies.

  • methods and interfaces with their methods can be implemented and interfaces with their methods can be implemented
  • A function block can extend a class with the new key word  EXTENDS  and then adopts the data and the methods of the class
  • Which implementation of the method is actually executed when a method is called via its interface, is decided at runtime.  This functionality is called polymorphism.

Comments: The OOP borrows the programming idea in computer science, exactly similar to the CTC (United States Patent US5950006) Object-oriented control programming. Considering the situation in State based control SMI++ context, control program is realized in “process” which is executed by SMI++’s Logic engine. The process is programed and controlled by state messages or command instructions between real devices.
So SMI++ is more suitable for process control on the basis Finite State Management, and CTC techniques are more suitable for factory control on the basis of object-oriented definition of target devices.

2. CoDeSys Architecture
Development layer, Communication layer and Device Layer comprise the entire architecture. Compared with RSLogix, CoDesys has Device Layer Runtime code segment which interprets the Control program comming from Development layer, at both program downloading and running time.

3. Application Area

  • The user can add customized plug-ins to CoDeSys (from CoDeSys 3.0) and thereby integrate a new programming language or a new field bus. A project wizard can also be implemented.
  • Existing plug-in components can be replaced by customized implementations. This allows for the adaptation to customized standards as regards communication, operation or look and feel for example.
  • The user can create his own development environment which makes use of the CoDeSys Automation Platform functionality. 

Due to the open plug-in architecture of the CoDeSys Automation Platform the user can extend the functionality of both the platform and the programming system CoDeSys V3 by adding his own components such as:

4.CoDeSys also offers a completely integrated operating and monitoring solution.
The programming system contains an integrated visualization editor. The standard interfaces for a
basic connection to external visualization
tools for example via OPC  are also supported by CoDeSys.

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December 24, 2010 at 5:03 pm

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