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The Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN commisioning

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1. WLAN — With SINEMA E (SIMATIC Network Manager Engineering), SIEMENS offers you
Windows software for planning, simulating and configuring a WLAN.

2. Safety Requirements evaluation — Safety Evaluation Tool

3. Zones (Zone ID) are used for location-dependent control of a plant area

4. An effective range (Effective range ID) is the range in which you perform fail-safe operation of plant parts, e.g. a machine, using the enabling buttons of the mobile panel.

  • Safe operation of the plant part separated by the effective range is possible only after successful logon. 
  • Effective ranges and zones can be configured independently of one another. 

5. If no definition of Zones and Effective Ranges

  • safe operation of plant parts using the mobile panel or automatic screen call are not possible in plants without effective ranges and zones. 
  • the emergency stop button is always active when the mobile panel is integrated in the PROFIsafe communication. 

6. Battery — The battery must always be sufficiently charged. When the battery is empty, a communication error occurs. The F-CPU initiates a “shutdown”.

7. Radio Link — If the radio link quality is too poor, a “global rampdown” is initiated.

8. Range Logon

  • If the F-CPU detects a communication error for a mobile panel that is logged on to the effective range, it initiates an immediate stop of the machines associated with the effective range. 
  • When an operator has logged on to an effective range and leaves this range for more than 25 s without logging off, a “local rampdown” is triggered. 

9. Illuminated sign — When a mobile panel is logged on to an effective range, then this must be indicated via an external indicator, for example a lamp.

10. Effective range quality

  • The “Effective range quality” object indicates how well the Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN is still located in an effective range.
  • The mobile panel calculates the effective range quality from the distance to the assigned transponders

11. Safety Function blocks — For detailed information, select the block in the STEP 7 Editor and press the “F1” key.

12. Integrated into or removed from safety program (F_program) with Mobile HMI

  • Transponder setting
  • Access Point Network setting (SCALANCE W788), SIMATIC Manager
  • F-CPU, Mobile Panel etc. setting, STEP 7–HW Config and Programing
    1. »»»»Add function blocks for 277F Mobile Panel, incl. standard and safety.
    2. »»»»Create F-Runtime group to be called from standard program
    3. »»»»Configure F-program and download
  • Mobile Panel setting (277F IWLAN), Windows CE, WinCC Flexible

13. For a application example, additional devices are needed, incl. ET200S and SCALANCE x208

  • WinCC Flexible is used to create HMI screen

14. Commissioning

  • F-CPU or F-I/O configuration, <S7 Distributed Safety – configuring and programming>
  • Safe program, <S7 Distributed Safety – configuring and programming>
  • Zone acceptance test, WinCC Flexible

15. Application

  • Switch on/off panel
  • Log on/off zones
  • Operate screens
  • Integrate Panel into WLAN with ProfiNet

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