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What needs to be considered in designing Mobile HMI for field manufacturing

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The “Intermec Technologies” offers a detailed guide for selecting mobile computers for preventing customers current Mobile HMI investment into future use. The elements include:

[Operating System] Not limited to choosing Microsoft embedded OS or other vendors. It is also about what and how the applictions are supported in a certain OS.

[Scanning Capability] It is worth consideration to choose code bar Laser Scanner or picture Imager.  More capabilities such as products tracing and 3D tag recognition are possible using Picture Imager.

[RFID] It is valuable to be deployed along production lines to tracking manufacturing process.

[Bluetooth] It is a good option to extend facility peripherals.

[Network supporting] It is the communication basis for mobile computers. All capabilities are dependent on what functionalities the network communication has.

More information could be found in “Future Proofing Your Mobile Computers” from Intermec Technologies.

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October 29, 2010 at 4:15 pm

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