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The Safety in Mobile HMI Sketch

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E-Stop Mobile HMI Sketch

The safety is different from Security, but it’s still related. For example, only after authentication and authorization, one user could access and control the machine that might cause danger to user.

We can do more about accessible portion of control program to each user based on security check. In this situation, emergency stop may has different definition due to the content of partial control program exposed to the user.

The authentication/authorization and Effective control program exposure are based on the location service to identify where the mobile operator is. In addition, the logical working zone is also necessary to provide accurate location-based service to users.

All the above elements work together to make the foundation for safety application, e.g. the Emergency Stop. In accordance with its specific safety standards, the above functions should also be designed with RA automation product and architecture support.

With consideration of above guidelines and analysis of Siemens products, we can draw a drafting survey on the current Mobile HMI E-stop scheme.


Written by laurence yuyi

October 29, 2010 at 3:57 pm

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