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The information about Mobile HMI — 277F IWLAN from Siemens

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  • The wireless solution from Siemens contains following catalogs of products
    (ref. SIMATIC Safety Intefrated for Factory Automation)
  2. SIMATIC Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN
  3. Client Module SCALANCE W747-1RR
  4. Access Point SCALANCE W788-1RR
  • The Mesh Wireless Network (ref. Industrial Wireless LAN Industrial Features and Current Standards)
  1. Standard — IEEE802.11s based on IEEE802.11n (the improved IEEE802.11a/b/g). It is more reliable and has a high coverage, with high data rate for picture/video, also with MIMO ability.
  2. Scenario — ad hoc, little administration, high redundant networks
  3. Infrastructure Elements — Mesh point, mesh point access, mesh Portal
  • The usage of Mobile HMI 277F IWLAN
    (ref. SIMATIC HMI Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN Operating Instructions)
  1. The Transponder to define effective zone by distance measuring. These effective zones are related to fail-safe issues.
  2. Determine the current effective zone of mobile HMI by computing the distance between effective zone information previously registered. (The accuracy is of concern)
  3. Software prerequisites
  4. The Transponder working principle — Distance measuring and HMI device identification
  5. Several switch states offered by Mobile HMI
  6. Set up operating system for establishing WLAN or other networks
  7. Integrating E-Stop to Safety system

  8. Logging on/off HMI

  9. If you want to use additional safety infrastructure, switch to override mode

  10. The Enabling Buttons — the configuration process is similar to Emergency Stop Button.
  11. Create WinCC Flexible project and download into HMI, also making acceptance of control system including effective zones etc.

  12. The WLAN quality

  13. The Effective Rang quality — it is used to tell how accurately the Mobile HMI is located in the effective rang, the closer to center, the more accurate for the HMI within the effective range.


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