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Wireless and Mobile E-Stop Device (Survey about Supplier companies)

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The Mobile Emergency Stop is designed to commit machinery shutdown to protect operators close to it. The scenarios are mostly about diagnostics of machinery or configuring a new production line.

[Jay Electronique]
In Jay Electronique solution, the wireless E-Stop is attainable but it’s not a general mobile E-Stop for all the machines in the line. In this solution, the E-Stop control via wireless is predefined on certain radio channel. So the HMI Terminal is only associated to some fixed machines. Actually, two modes are defined in Jay Electronique wireless E-Stop, i.e. Monitoring Diagnostics and manual. The E-Stop button cane be activated in different conditions for these two modes.

The product extents the Honeywell’s Experion process knowledge system (PKS) and is named Honeywell Mobile PKS. It saves the hard wiring cost when accessing process data from factory floor and also enables the location services by using Honeywell Instant location system.

It has KeTop55, KeTop100 products supporting wire-based communication and emergency safety standard. It has basis interface such as RS232, Ethernet etc. and also support Propibus DP/MPI, CAN. Besides, it also has optional functionalities to support  real time communication via EtherCat, SercosIII, Ehternet IP and Profinet I/O RT. This product has two kinds of client configuration, i.e. thin client and rich client, see following architectures.

[Siemens ]
The mobile HMI is used together with connect box, connect cables and operation software such as SIMATIC ProTool or  WinCC Flexibility. It follows the standards below. Especially, Siemens adopts safety integrated Automation system to obtain seamless and simplified safety production line.
With regard to the communication network, the Safety Integrated includes both tried-and-tested fieldbus such as Profibus and AS-Interface as well as innovative Industrial Ehternet such as Profinet. In some special condition, Industrial WLAN is also adopted and fits our interests.


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