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Celine Dion: To Love You More

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Yestoday or before,chicken guo download the Ciline Dion’s concert and keep asking "whether this song or that one is good".I said ,"your are pressing me to agree with you". But in fact,there’s really a song called "to love you more" touched me with its euphonic melody ,even from it’s begining.The lyric is here:
Celine Dion: To Love You More

Take me back in the arms I love
Need me like you did before
Touch me once again
And remember when
There was no one that you wanted more

Don’t go you know you will break my heart
She won’t love you like I will
I’m the one who’ll stay
When she walks away
And you know I’ll be standing here still

I’ll be waiting for you
Here inside my heart
I’m the one who wants to love you more
You will see I can give you
Everything you need
Let me be the one to love you more

See me as if you never knew
Hold me so you can’t let go
Just believe in me
I will make you see
All the things that your heart needs to know

And some way all the love that we had can be saved
Whatever it takes we’ll find a way


Written by laurence yuyi

April 12, 2006 at 2:22 am

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  1. What I have introduced to you are all extremely perfect!


    April 12, 2006 at 3:28 am

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